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Our Focus

A growing and profitable business

We do not invest in turn-around situations or businesses in decline.  We would want to see at least 3-years of profit growth

Business between 1.5M and 8M of annual profit

Most of our experience has been with companies in this size, and we want to make sure we are a good match for your business

Margins >15%

We are primarily interested in businesses with >15% margins.  There are some business models where this could be an exception.

High quality revenue

We are looking for businesses with loyal customers who keep coming back year after year.  To us, this is proof that what you built can be sustained over the long-run and solves real customer needs.

Owners who want to sell

We are looking for business owners who are considering a sale.  This is a very personal decision but some owners are ready to move on from the business, want to focus on other things, or might be ready to retire.  We are not here to "sell you" on a sale but if you are considering a sale process, we want to earn the right to be considered and will keep it confidential

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