Leadership + Capital 

Jeremy Faulk founded Greencove Capital Partners (GCP) to find, buy, and lead a great business over the coming decades.  GCP is backed by entrepreneurs and investors with extensive experience in the middle-market, with a long-term operational preference, and are uniquely positioned to carry on your legacy in the business.  We bring management talent, capital, and full commitment to your business.  Unlike private equity or a strategic buyer, your business will become our #1 priority and full-time job.


Jeremy Faulk

Founder & Managing Partner

Jeremy is an entrepreneur with experience as an operator, strategist, Marine Corps Officer, and banker.  He and the team supporting him have been training for your business their entire lives. 

When not at work, Jeremy is either traveling with his family, dancing with his wife or teaching his boys to explore mountains and make great lego towers around their home in Golden, CO.  


Why we are different

We are not looking to consolidate or to financially engineer your business, as is the case with Private Equity or some strategic buyers.  We get excited by companies that are full of great people whose growth we can continue for many years

Long-Term Focused

Much like Warren Buffett, we are looking for wonderful businesses to operate and our favorite hold period is forever.

Veteran Owned 

We bring military experience that spanned multiple continents, disaster relief efforts, conflicts, and hundreds of training days in many countries.

Operator mentality 

We will move to your location, roll-up our sleeves, learn all we can, and work in the business.  Some buyers expect that you stay on as management for multiple years after the close but because we bring leadership to the table, the timeline and transition are easy for you.


We are not beholden to typical PE restrictions and have the flexibility to arrange deal structures that work for everyone.  This includes helping you navigate tax and other portfolio considerations.


We respect your time and do what we say we will do.  We don't jerk you around or play games.  Our word is our word.

Value driven

We will only buy businesses we can continue to grow.  We don't financial engineer or buy and flip but seek to grow businesses where the employees, community, customers, and owners can all thrive.



Golden, Colorado


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